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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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in honor of the shooting victims. as for this temple here in san hoe say, they will be holding meetings to discuss ways in which they can help family members of the victims. live in san jose, abc-7 news. >> alan: a con tard man is in jail after witnesses say he struck a woman and killedder in front of self people. police say the two got into a fight around 7:30 last night. witnesses say the man hit the woman and then walked away from the scene. 25-year-old jason castillo of concord was arrested and booked on $1 million bail. police will only say the victim is a 47-year-old woman from martinez. now the mission to mars landing. we're just a few hours away from hoyt. the mars rover, curesosty, is scheduled to land around: 30 and there's a lot of people gathering to watch the event. wayne freedman is live at nasa. >> make most of tonight's landing. calling this an event.
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expecting some 7,000 people here to watch the happening on wide screen television projection monitors to see what happens, however history turns out. let's give you a look at the video nasa produced. it depicts what will happen when he sprays craft goes in, the seven minutes of terror. it's been in freefall, will hit the martian atmosphere at 15,000 miles an hour and lan at 2 miles an hour seven minutes later. this is nasa's most am, by attempt since neil armstrong set foot on the moon. the craft will be lowered to the surface by a sky crane. it's all automated, and this will be quite a show and quite a feat. >> think of holding a pendulum, a rock on the end of a string, and you're wiggling around and
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winds are blowing and you have to keep it directly below you so you have to have a very sophisticated motion and sensing of where that object is and you don't want it to be swinging because if that rover is coming down, you don't want it smashing to a book on the side. you want to have it come down virtually. >> it has to read all that stuff. >> the landing is scheduled for 13:01 p.m. we won't know anything for at least seven minutes. a confirming radio signal, and the first signal will possibly include a photograph of the spacecraft surroundings, showing it's not in any obstructions. that might happen in a few minutes, might happen in hours. all depends on the relay station, the other satellites orbiting mars and other factors that frankly people like us are not quite capable of explaining without filling you up with all kinds of digits and dots and numbers and so on and so forth.
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bottom line, very complicated. people here are on pins and needles. >> we'll watch what happens. live at nasa in mountain view. >> alan: san francisco's exploratorium museum is giving people a glimpse into the mission. the museum is displaying a full-size replica of curiosity. today it stirred up stares and wows. one young lady was asked why she was curious about curiosity. >> what do you think about going to mars? >> the exploratorium museum will host a web cast of the landing beginning at 10:15 tonight. and don't forget to stay with abc-7 for continuing coverage of the mission to mars. we'll bring you the live coverage of the journey at 11:00 p.m. and get more information anytime on our web
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site, abc-7 news, on see it on tv. >> the centuryman ride at six flags in vallejo may be sufficienting from the effects of kryptonite. the highly anticipated re-opening today had just begun when another flip closed it down. sergio quintana is in vallejo with the latest. have they fixed it yet? >> reporter: it's still affect bid kryptonite. superman had trouble taking flight and some coastal riders were disappointed. >> did day say what happened? >> the just said that they're having small difficulties with their operation of the ride. >> the superman ultimate flight ride had been shut up to for a week, but within an hour of opening today, new set of problems kept the coaster grounds for a while. chris was aboard when the ride stopped just short of the starting point. >> looks like the computers are out of sink. >> they tried two or three times, rode it three time is without anybody on it. got back on it, did exactly the
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same thing. >> ride operators say it's run by a computer system and they're continuing to calibrate it to make sure it's working properly. >> the ride says they're going to continue to run the ride today. we're going to go ahead and attempt it. >> six flag says the ride -- so much of the action depends on momentum. last week people were stranded in 150 feet in the air for more than an hour and a half. the computer went into safety mode. >> a combination of the power and the weight, and basically this is a very, very highly unusual event, and we don't anticipate it recurring. we're able to make adjustments and correct the situation. >> an on site crane had to be used to get water and sun screen to passengers. if the car had not come down on its own momentum. rescue teams would have to pluck each passenger off with a crane. but every roller coaster we talked to said they're excited about the superman coaster.
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>> happens every thousand, ten thousand times? i won't happen. i'm not worried about it. >> the vallejo, abc-7 news. >> alan: a woman was injured when an suv crashed through a barrier and fell three stories from a parking structure. it happened at the san diego mall. police say the 70-year-old driver of the bmw accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake. the car flipped over andland on top of two cars parked below. the driver's girlfriend suffered minor injuries. still to come, north beach institution gets ready to shut down for good. just ahead, how long before the last meal is served. a teenager makes a very public apology to a plainful of people. what he did and who made him say sorry. >> leigh: we are going to be getting hot this upcoming work week. temperatures near 100 degrees. i'll show you where coming
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>> the italian restaurant has been a fixture in the north beach neighborhood for 50 years in a letter posted on the restaurant's web site, the openers say they're staying open through the end of august to celebrate its existence one last time. the restaurant owners have not revealed the reason behind the closure. >> reflecting the department's admitted problems the san jose police officers association will discuss whether to ask members for a vote of no confidence in the police chief. morrah is the head of the department that has slashed jobs-increased layoffs and has fewer patrol cars on the street. the department spokesman defended the chief's record saying morrah is doing everything he can. >> he is trying to maintain some sort of stability in our department while we fight through this very difficult time. and there are those that feel that he is not doing an adequate job. but the reality its, no matter
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who sits in the seat is going to have these challenges. >> alan: the police officers association will meet on tuesday. a san jose woman who prosecutors say used a ponzi scream to defraud investors of more than a mental will make a plea in court. jill marie sill seeways charged with 44 counts of felony fraud involving 1 people. she used the money to not only keep the scheme going and bought herself expensive cars and remodeled her home. just ahead, the new concerns about caltrans' safety checks. plus. >> my fellow travelers, today i -- >> alan: a very public apology by a contrite teen. what is ahead for the work week? meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast. >> rick: coming up in sports, the giants go for the sweep in colorado, and who will
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>> alan: new concerns about caltrans' safety testing on roadded and bridges, including the bay bridge. last year an investigation found a kole transinspection did not follow requirements to check his testing gauge was working correctly during the inspection of the tower foundation. the paper today reports that engineers reviewed records and found doctored data and other suspicious testes. caltrans officials maintain their tests are valid and the bridge is safe. now, a road closure to warn you about tonight in oakland. the high street an ramp to interstate 880 will be closed from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the closure is for develop his
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of the retaining wall. part of the i--880 high street seismic retrofit project. high school student in texas was taught a very public lesson. that manners marted. he cut in line to get on a southwest airlines jet. his coach saw and it made him apologize on the intercom to other passengers. >> also my teammates for -- i cut in line. i hope you will all find it in your hearts to forgive me, for i am just a young man. i think i am smarter than i am. >> the young man is a lacrosse player and says he learned his lesson to be patient. >> now, we want to thank some of the people who are helping raise thousands of dollars for foster children just by liking abc-7 on face back. some friends include jan from fremont. donna from san mateo, and kara s
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from napa. thank you very much. just like abc-7 news on facebook right now, and one dollar bill be dough noticed to the sleep train dream can pain leigh glaser is here with the forecast. >> leigh: incredible visibility. the storm system moved through, the subtropical moisture hofd through yesterday, and left today clear sky across the bay area. beautiful shot from the high def next sutro cam. and i have to tell you, he next couple of days is going to be mild, enjoy it, because high temps are expected on wednesday, thursday, and friday. a lot of nice clearing today. live doppler 7hd showing just a little bit of low cloudiness near the coast. we'll take you in closer and you can see golden gate bridge, and half moon bay warmed up nicely. all of this will start to fill back in by early tomorrow
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morning. here's a look at our highs for today. half moon bay, 68. 76 in san rafael. 93 in clear lake. fairfield, 81. 84 in antioch. 75 in san jose. here's a look at the current readings. antioch, 83. clear sky, oakland, 66. 63 in san francisco. 74 in san rafael. and san jose, 73. so, our highlights, check out -- clear overnight, keep the low clouds and fog mainly the coast and the bay. going to be sunny tomorrow and mild. compare that to 100-degree heat which will return inland as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday. lows tonight with some patchy low clouds starting to move inland at bit overnight testimony generally low 50s at the coast and look for antioch, oak lee, and brentwood to be hovering near 60 degrees by tomorrow morning. we start off with a little bit of low cloud inness overnight.
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adventures in so slightly by tomorrow morning. this is 6:00 a.m. commute time, and then starts to burn back to the coast so look for more sunshine tomorrow and temperatures will start to warm back up. hearst a look at the scenario as we work through the rest of the work week, bubble of hot air now centered in the central portion of the united states. is going to start to migrate back towards the bay area, and so it looks like most of the hot weather will remain in the inland locations with mild temperatures near the coast. in fact here's a quick rundown. wednesday, santa rosa, 88. bumping up into the mid-90s by thursday and friday. livermore, you're reaching 100 degrees thursday and friday. and we'll look for concord as well to heat up close to 100 degrees thursday and friday as well. so the heat will be on. the best place to be will be at the coast. 81 tomorrow for san jose, 64ful half moon bay. palo alto, 76.
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56 for downtown san francisco. north bay, temperatures upper 70s to low 80s. 82 for santa rosa. sonoma, 79. 72 for oakland tomorrow. 79 for fremont. interior east bay. one of the coolest days of the week. 92, brent wood. 85 concord. the seven-day forecast, another cool one, or mild we'll say, fors and tuesday, and then heat things up near 100 degrees thursday, friday, maybe even lingering into saturday and east bay inland locations. 90s, up ever 80s near the bay and 70s near the coast. mike will be here at 4:30 with an update. >> alan: shu is out, rick is in for him, and the giants hang on to their half game lead. >> rick: too bad the giants can't play the rockies all the time. the joints found the rockist just what the doctored ordered. peyton manning taking in the game at coors field.
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his arm a little more accurate than tyler chatwood. allows pagan to score. down 3-1, colorado tries to come back in the fourth. fowler with a fly ball to left. row sarover tags up but cabrera with the strong throw cuts him down. hunter pence showed why the giants went after him. he brings home cabrera with a shot down the line. pence had two doubles and three rbis. san francisco added three more in the seventh. scutaro drives in two hen his base hit gets misplayed. 8-3 was the final. and san francisco completes the three-game sweep. >> at the coliseum. the a's game began under cool conditions. things heat up in the third. reddick takes laffey deep. it's 4-1, malone was doing well until the fourth. encarnacion hits his 29th of the season. cocoa coco -- coco crisp climbse
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wall to no aveil. and then trailing by one in the ninth, oakland had a map on first but weeks' liner is snagged by gomes. he doubles off sogard to end the contest. the a's lose and split the four-game series. >> the cal football team opened training camp thisends. this will be the 11th season for head coach jeff. last year was a disappointment, cal lost to texas in the holiday bowl. stanford doesn't just expect improvement from his players but himself. the took a trip to new england to learn from three-time super bowl winning head coach bill belichick. he was asked if he enjoyed the experience. >> oh, yeah, big-time. great conversation with belichick, and able to watch tape and have meet examination had some good conversations, and it was very worthwhile. >> rick: down on the farm, stanford opened its training
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camp today. the cardinal's ranked 18th the preseason pole. the biggest question is who will replace quarterback andrew luck. coach isn't tipping his hand. >> both guys look good and we have less than tenth of the offense in right now. so guys didn't hold the ball, it was great in the huddle. >> it was good start for everybody. >> rick: at this year's u.s. open-jim furyk held a late lead but let it slip away. today he was trying avoid more heartbreak at the sphwroij invitational. he led the tournament from day one. on 16 he sinks a long birdie. at 14 up, up by two. but one of his playing partners, keegan bradley, kept the pressure on by shooting a 64. this birdie on 16 kept him one stroke back. on 18, furyk still led by one but a terrible chip from the rough leaves him short. that was for par.
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bradley north good shape but saves par with this amazing putt. 13-under. so furyk had to make this putt for bogey to force a playoff. and it goes wide. so it's more disappointment for furyk as bradley takes the title. it's that time again. spoiler alert. if you do not want to know what happened today at the summer olympics, please look away from your screen until the music stops. ♪ >> the nfl preseason -- stop that music -- kicks off with the cardinals and the sames. i'll have highlights at 11:00. football is back again. >> alan: stay with abc-7 news tonight right after the olympics for a special midnight edition of abc-7 news. it's all the news yo
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lan social security may not be such a good deal for young americans. and in this atm you have to put your money in to get your money out. >> "the dark knight rises" rises on top for the third week in a row, earning $36 million. the finale in the batman trilogy has made more than $355 million. the total recall remake with colin farrell opened in second place with $26 million. diary of a wimpy kid, dog days,
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debuted at three. ice age is still hot in fourth place, and the watch, wraps up this weekend's top five films. captioned by closed captioning services inc. /&ñfñ!ñx1q1q
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>> right now, get ready for "total recall" again. >> it should be real thraining for two hours, start to finish. >> jeremy renner takes over for bourne. >> love a challenge and responsibility. >> stars of abc mix and mingle under one roof. >> i guess we're all company girls. >> on the christmas card last year. >> who's the one to beat on "dancing" with the all-stars? >> i'm the underdog. >> we're rolling out the red carpet now. >> welcome to "on the red carpet" from the hollywood towers. i'm rachel smith. in 1929 this place was all about sophisticated living and hollywood's golden age. we're going to talk a look around in just a bit. first entertainment guru is living it up at the premiere of "total recall."
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>> rachel, the stars of "total recall" took over hollywood boulevard for the film's premiere. before they hoped to take over the box office. >> what's your fantasy? > we'll give you the memory. >> collin ferrell said the new "total recall" doesn't come with the same vibe as the 1990 arnold schwarzenegger version. >> totally felt different. i didn't feel like i was stepping into arnie's shoes. god knows the man casts a big shadow and little old me would fail miserably. >> kate beckinsale plays one tough woman in this movie, which was directed by her husband. where does that bad-assness come from? >> i don't know. i guess my husband may have come up with it at home. >> and kate isn't the only tough female here. >> you really know how to kick butt. >> thanks. i like to kick some butt.


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